This blog is inspired by several articles that I read on the internet about Korean girls. I thought they were rather biased, and I observed similar stereotyping of Korean girls among my friends.

What are these general stereotype of Korean girls? They are high maintenance and materialistic. They only date Korean guys. They are CRAZY as in inexplicable behaviors and extreme mood swings. Well, with any stereotype there are always elements of truth to it. However, it is just not my experience with Korean girls.

I am a 1 1/2 generation Chinese guy. I have dated Asian girls, ethnically mixed race girls, and Caucasian girls. Among those, the type that I have dated the most are Korean girls. Having dated with quite a few Korean girls, I feel I am qualified to share my experience and perhaps demystify some of the myth.

These stories are all from real girls that I have dated. The pictures are of course not their real photographs, and the names have been changed to protect their identity. Most of these girls are sweet, feminine, caring, nurturing, and sexual. Overall they represent some of the best traits men seek in women. Whether you will meet and date the types of Korean girls that I described I cannot guarantee.  I always think you reap what you sew. If you approach Korean girls looking for their best qualities, you will be rewarded. If you start digging for faults, that also will be what you reap.

Enjoy reading my adventures, and feel free to comment and share your experiences.