Another Online Fling with a Korean Girl

Yoona is a less colorful girl and one of my shorter flings. Maybe she is an interesting girl, but honestly I never found out.

We met through a dating app called coffee meets bagel. She was a bit larger than her picture. Isn’t that every guys’ biggest online dating fear?

She was very sweet and pleasant, and I thought she had a cute face. Our conversation was interesting, and it was easy to joke and flirt with her. She seemed like a girl with a good head on her shoulder.

At this point in my life I was starting to look for someone serious, but as a sexually active guy I wasn’t going to turn down an easy hook up.

After our first date we texted back and forth a few times. Next weekend I messaged her to come meet me at a restaurant next to my apartment building. I told her to wear a sexy dress. I like girls in dresses.

We ate a light dinner appetizer and had a few drinks. After dinner I brought her up to the roof top of my building where we could enjoy a magnificent  view of the downtown skyline. We made out on the couch on the roof top and then transitioned to my apartment. While on my bed she made a token statement that she usually do not sleep with a guy so quickly. Ok, whatever. Our clothes quickly came off. The sex was average. While she was on top she remarked “Am I too heavy?” She really isn’t. She’s just an average shaped girl. Like the fashion industry, I probably have a distorted standard for the Asian female body. I wanted every girl to look like a super model. After she climaxed from the intercourse she gave me a decent blow job. I ejaculated in her mouth. She swallowed and licked her lip, and said “Mmmm.. Creamy.” Lol. For the ladies reading this, men love it when a girl swallows and shows that she likes the taste. I think it’s the same when a guy enthusiastically go down on a girl and lick and eat out every inch of the girl. Enthusiasm and great attitude goes a long way in sex.

Yoona was a cool girl and I enjoyed her company, but yeah, I was looking for a hotter girlfriend. So the search continued.

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