One night stand with a large breasted Korean Girl

Which single guy who has stepped into a bar did not dream of taking a gorgeous girl home for some incredible hot sex that night? We see it in movies all the time. And in reality, it probably happens every weekend, in every city, across the world. Unfortunately it only happens to the lucky few. And how these one night stands finally go down can take some comical, wild, unexpected twist and turns. Often the hunt is more memorable than the sloppy sex. In my case, the hunt was full of obstacles, and the trophy, the sex, was well worth the effort.

Ester was one of my few true one night stands. I met Ester at a roof top bar in Downtown. Looking back I don’t know how I could stand the night life. You are always waiting in one line or another. After waiting to get into the bar, and waiting in line for drinks, my buddies and I were once again in line to get to the roof top section of the roof top bar. What a concept huh? While we were twiddling our thumbs, checking our phones, and sipping our drinks I noticed two attractive Korean girls in front of us. Why waste time and not chat up these cute girls. I struck up a conversation, and we all hit it off. One of the girls looked more serious. The other girl, Ester, looked like she wanted to have fun

Once we got to the roof we all chilled and hung out. Ester seemed a bit touchy feely. Sensing this, I took her hand and went to the bar to get another drink. We separated ourselves from the group and found a semi private spot to make out. Ester had one of those clean, angelic face with a twinkle of troublemaker in her eyes. Our hands and lips were all over each other throughout the night. Inebriated and making out with a hot girl under the starry night is the most awesome feeling.

At the end of the night I was pretty convinced I was going to get some action. We had been all over each other, and I found out she lived in Downtown also. Now every guy who has taken a girl home from the bar knows they had to deal with logistic. How do I get everyone home worry free while my girl and I go our own way?

Ester came with her friends so my friend John and I figured we had to take Ester’s friend home. So we drove Ester and her friend to her friend’s place and dropped her off. Her friend literally told me to take care of Ester. John then dropped me and Ester off at my place.

You would think that is a done deal. Yeah right. I wish it was that simple. It was 2:30 in the morning, and Ester decided she needed to walk her dog. Are you kidding me? Fortunately she ONLY lived 5 blocks away. I walked her back to her place to pick up her puppy, THEN we walked the dog back to my place. While the puppy roamed around my apartment we finally had some private time on the couch.

Throughout the night I could see Ester had quite a large pair of breasts under her outfit. For whatever reason, I was super aroused as I kissed her on the couch. I moved her hand closer to my crotch, and she voluntarily grabbed on and stroked me. I was rock hard at that time. She unzipped me and proceeded to give me an awesome blow job. A few minutes passed by I took her hand and led her into my bed. I had a studio apartment at that time. How convenient, only a few feet from the couch to bed. While she straddled me she took off her top. Wow, oh my god, what a huge pair of perfect breasts. They must be D cup, full and shapely, no sagging at all. I am telling you, there are a lot of Korean girls with big natural breasts. I felt them up, bury my face between them, and for sure, they were real.

Sex that night was pretty good for drunken sex, but next morning when the alcohol wore off, round two was even better. In fact it was great. To this day I still reminisce the moment. It was purely dreamy, good sex with no emotional connection or responsibility. It was simply hot sex with a large breasted girl that I took home from a bar.

Ester and I met up again later that week, but this time we did not feel a connection. Of course I still wanted to hook up with her, but I think her emotion had shifted.

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