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Booty Call from a Silicone Breast Crazy Girl

A stereotype of Korean girls is that they are HOT and CRAZY. In my personal experience, yeah they are hot, but crazy, sure, but not that much crazier than girls of other races or ethnicity.

Well, this girl Judy is one of the crazier ones. In a fun way though.

One afternoon, on my way to the supermarket, I spotted an attractive Asian girl doing her homework in the park. I stopped by and chatted with her. She was very talkative, and for the most part I just listened to her. We shared some common interests, so at the end of the conversation I asked for her phone number to keep in touch. At that time she said, well, I have a boyfriend, but it is going to last until the end of the month, and I am free to date other guys. Mmmm.. what the hell does that mean? A red flag goes up.

Next day I texted her to stay in touch.

Over the weekend she invited me out to a bar with her friends, and also with the pretense to introduce me to one of her friends. Judy was very outgoing and friendly with everyone including the bar staff. She got us all free drinks from the bartender. When I saw the friend she wanted me to meet, she was of course not as attractive as Judy. Girls do that a lot don’t they? Setting you up with their uglier friend. At the end of that night we ended up at her apartment for an after party. We all drank some more, and called it a night.

I did not contact Judy nor heard from her for a few more weeks. Then one day, out of nowhere, she text me that she had just finished a big exam and wanted to meet up for a drink to unwind and celebrate. Half an hour later she texted me “forget going out, let’s just have wine at my place!” Mmmm… I wonder what that means. Being a guy, of course I hoped for the best.

When I got to her place, two of her friends where hanging out in her kitchen. Well, that was lame. I was expecting to hook up with her and had hoped we would be alone. However, after another round of drinks her friends left.

Judy had a nice roof top terrace at her apartment complex so we hung out there and drank wine. She wore a large knit sweater and short shorts showing off her nice legs. As we chilled and chatted about nonsense, I decided to test out what she had in mind. I placed my hand on her thigh, and she seemed unfazed. I then invited her over to my reclining lounge chair, and we quickly started making out. This girl was aggressive. From just kissing she proceeded to straddling me and humping me in the public. No one was around, but I was super turned on by this public display of affection. I think this girl just wanted to do it right then and right there. In retrospect that would have been super kinky, but just to be safe I took her hand and said, “Let’s go back to your place.”

By the time we got to her apartment we were all over each other or rather she was all over me. After another gulp from our wine glass she got down to her knees on the kitchen floor and unzipped me pants. She aggressive took my cock out and enthusiastically deep throated me. In the mist of this wild activity she knocked a wine glass off the kitchen counter and shattered it on the floor. Great, now she is barefooted with broken shards of glasses all around her. Fortunately I still had my shoes on. I picked her up and took her to the bedroom. In the bedroom, clothes came off, and I immediately noticed her pair of large breast. But guess what, hers was actually silicone. All this talk of Korean girls having plastic surgeries, this was actually the first pair of fake Korean breasts that I have grabbed hold off. They were beautiful though. They looked totally natural. Anyways we got going quickly and hard. This chick was just wild. She was screaming at the top of her lung, and kept asking me to go harder and faster. I was totally exhausted trying to keep up with her, but she just wanted more, and begging me not to cum. This was just exhausting. Having marathon sex is one thing, but this was marathon sprint. I actually could not cum, while this girl screamed in orgasm multiple times and still wanted more. Fortunately the latter part was her riding on top of me so I could get a breather. I lie on the mattress and watched her gorgeous silicone breasts bounced up and down. Thank god she eventually exhausted and passed out, and I was about to. Then I remembered the broken glass in the kitchen and got up in the middle of the night to clear them.

After I meticulously picked every little shards of glass off the floor, being totally wiped out, I snuggled in bed with her and zonked out. Sometime in the middle of the night I heard her friends came back, the bedroom door was still open. I could hear one of the girls gasping, “oh my god.” I assume referring to her just slept with a guy she barely know.

Next morning Judy woke up and wanted another round. Normally I love morning sex, but I had to go to work, and to be honest I was sore as hell from the action she put me through last night. That night, when I went home I noticed a small blood blister on the tip of my tool. What the hell. I have never used my tool so hard before. I almost broke it.

The next time we spent together she was not as wild. What is up with girl going crazy in bed when you are a stranger, but the moment they consider you as having the potential to be a boyfriend they mellow out.  Judy and I saw each other a few times after that but our connection fizzled out. She was not quite my type. I wish she was. She came from a rich family, and she was studying for a good career. Oh well, the search continues.

Another Online Fling with a Korean Girl

Yoona is a less colorful girl and one of my shorter flings. Maybe she is an interesting girl, but honestly I never found out.

We met through a dating app called coffee meets bagel. She was a bit larger than her picture. Isn’t that every guys’ biggest online dating fear?

She was very sweet and pleasant, and I thought she had a cute face. Our conversation was interesting, and it was easy to joke and flirt with her. She seemed like a girl with a good head on her shoulder.

At this point in my life I was starting to look for someone serious, but as a sexually active guy I wasn’t going to turn down an easy hook up.

After our first date we texted back and forth a few times. Next weekend I messaged her to come meet me at a restaurant next to my apartment building. I told her to wear a sexy dress. I like girls in dresses.

We ate a light dinner appetizer and had a few drinks. After dinner I brought her up to the roof top of my building where we could enjoy a magnificent  view of the downtown skyline. We made out on the couch on the roof top and then transitioned to my apartment. While on my bed she made a token statement that she usually do not sleep with a guy so quickly. Ok, whatever. Our clothes quickly came off. The sex was average. While she was on top she remarked “Am I too heavy?” She really isn’t. She’s just an average shaped girl. Like the fashion industry, I probably have a distorted standard for the Asian female body. I wanted every girl to look like a super model. After she climaxed from the intercourse she gave me a decent blow job. I ejaculated in her mouth. She swallowed and licked her lip, and said “Mmmm.. Creamy.” Lol. For the ladies reading this, men love it when a girl swallows and shows that she likes the taste. I think it’s the same when a guy enthusiastically go down on a girl and lick and eat out every inch of the girl. Enthusiasm and great attitude goes a long way in sex.

Yoona was a cool girl and I enjoyed her company, but yeah, I was looking for a hotter girlfriend. So the search continued.

One night stand with a large breasted Korean Girl

Which single guy who has stepped into a bar did not dream of taking a gorgeous girl home for some incredible hot sex that night? We see it in movies all the time. And in reality, it probably happens every weekend, in every city, across the world. Unfortunately it only happens to the lucky few. And how these one night stands finally go down can take some comical, wild, unexpected twist and turns. Often the hunt is more memorable than the sloppy sex. In my case, the hunt was full of obstacles, and the trophy, the sex, was well worth the effort.

Ester was one of my few true one night stands. I met Ester at a roof top bar in Downtown. Looking back I don’t know how I could stand the night life. You are always waiting in one line or another. After waiting to get into the bar, and waiting in line for drinks, my buddies and I were once again in line to get to the roof top section of the roof top bar. What a concept huh? While we were twiddling our thumbs, checking our phones, and sipping our drinks I noticed two attractive Korean girls in front of us. Why waste time and not chat up these cute girls. I struck up a conversation, and we all hit it off. One of the girls looked more serious. The other girl, Ester, looked like she wanted to have fun

Once we got to the roof we all chilled and hung out. Ester seemed a bit touchy feely. Sensing this, I took her hand and went to the bar to get another drink. We separated ourselves from the group and found a semi private spot to make out. Ester had one of those clean, angelic face with a twinkle of troublemaker in her eyes. Our hands and lips were all over each other throughout the night. Inebriated and making out with a hot girl under the starry night is the most awesome feeling.

At the end of the night I was pretty convinced I was going to get some action. We had been all over each other, and I found out she lived in Downtown also. Now every guy who has taken a girl home from the bar knows they had to deal with logistic. How do I get everyone home worry free while my girl and I go our own way?

Ester came with her friends so my friend John and I figured we had to take Ester’s friend home. So we drove Ester and her friend to her friend’s place and dropped her off. Her friend literally told me to take care of Ester. John then dropped me and Ester off at my place.

You would think that is a done deal. Yeah right. I wish it was that simple. It was 2:30 in the morning, and Ester decided she needed to walk her dog. Are you kidding me? Fortunately she ONLY lived 5 blocks away. I walked her back to her place to pick up her puppy, THEN we walked the dog back to my place. While the puppy roamed around my apartment we finally had some private time on the couch.

Throughout the night I could see Ester had quite a large pair of breasts under her outfit. For whatever reason, I was super aroused as I kissed her on the couch. I moved her hand closer to my crotch, and she voluntarily grabbed on and stroked me. I was rock hard at that time. She unzipped me and proceeded to give me an awesome blow job. A few minutes passed by I took her hand and led her into my bed. I had a studio apartment at that time. How convenient, only a few feet from the couch to bed. While she straddled me she took off her top. Wow, oh my god, what a huge pair of perfect breasts. They must be D cup, full and shapely, no sagging at all. I am telling you, there are a lot of Korean girls with big natural breasts. I felt them up, bury my face between them, and for sure, they were real.

Sex that night was pretty good for drunken sex, but next morning when the alcohol wore off, round two was even better. In fact it was great. To this day I still reminisce the moment. It was purely dreamy, good sex with no emotional connection or responsibility. It was simply hot sex with a large breasted girl that I took home from a bar.

Ester and I met up again later that week, but this time we did not feel a connection. Of course I still wanted to hook up with her, but I think her emotion had shifted.