Slept with 2 Korean Girls in One Day

Although this blog is about Korean girls, inevitably it also reveals my character. As I write these events in my life I notice a pattern of avoiding intimacy and commitment. Sure, a guy can play the field, date multiple girls, but looking back I wish I had given to these girlfriends more of myself, more love, and be a little more vulnerable.

Ashley was one of the girls that I kept a thin veil of emotional separation. We met at a happy hour. She was cute, and had a good job. She was a physical therapist who is passionate about helping people. She drives a Honda SUV and likes the outdoors. She has a nice tan unlike many Korean girls who avoid the sun. That’s right, not all cute Korean girls drive BMWs or Mercedes and wear high heels and make up.

On out first date I noticed that she can definitely drink. Korean girls have a reputation for being good drinkers. I would say there is some truth to that. We ate and drank and bar hopped. It was a lot of fun. I was a late bloomer, and never enjoyed the partying scene in college. Even in my young adult life I still felt like a by stander when I am in a bar or a club. It was nice to be swept away in the buzz of the alcohol, the loud music, the crowd, and in the embrace of a cute girl.

We hooked up on our second date. She stayed overnight. Again, I will provide some graphic details more to record my memory then to present you with titillating visuals. I remember her telling me she hadn’t had sex in a while and was kind of nervous. When we started it was hard to get inside of her. But once we got going she was an animal. She wanted to be on top so she can aggressively work to achieve orgasm. In some way it was kind of arousing, but it was really not my preference. I prefer to be in a more dominant role in bed.

Ah, now I remember why I did not follow up with Ashley. I was with Jeanette, my perfect girlfriend at that time also. The morning Ashley stayed over we had sex again, and that night I went to Jeanette’s place to sleep with her. Yup, I was a dog. I just wanted to score with 2 different girls in one day. Really though, I had a full time job and did not have enough time for all those girls. Although it was cool to say that I had sex with 2 different girls in one day, in reality, it was exhausting, and I was pretty sore the next day. Even though I was spread very thin between these two girls, looking back I still have to say that I held back emotionally. I could have put more of myself out there.

Couple of years later I saw Ashley on Facebook getting married. I am still single.

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