No need to talk to pick-up a girl


Yi Jin was more of a fling than a girlfriend. However, I want to share this particular experience so you can see a wide spectrum of Korean girls.

Yi Jin is definitely a FOB (Fresh of the Boat). She hardly spoke any English. I met Yi Jin at the mall. I noticed this cute girl as she walked by me. I turned around, jogged, and caught up with her. Our conversation was very brief. Less than 2 minutes. I asked her if she wanted to have a drink with me. She thought I meant right then, right there. Well, both of us were kind of busy, so we exchanged numbers.

One thing I consistently noticed with FOB Korean girls is that they like you to go pick them up even for the first date. I’ve literally had a 2 minute conversation with this girl, and she trusted me to come to her apartment to pick her up for our date.

Sometimes I just take girls out for drinks on the first date, but other times I take them out to dinner. There is no rhyme or reason. A lot of it depends on my feeling, the time of the week, the time of the night or whether I am hungry or not. Although there are no deal breakers, I have to say, try to avoid fancy expensive restaurants. First of all, never try to impress a girl with fine dining. Secondly, a fancy restaurant is actually a very uncomfortable setting for 2 people who do not know each other very well. Save that for your girlfriend.

With Yi Jin, I did take her to a decent restaurant. I cannot remember why I did it, but it just kind of blend into the date. We had drinks first then we had dinner. After dinner I drove her back to my place, and we made out hot and heavy on my bed, but did not go beyond that. Sex did not happen until the second date.

Some American guys like Asian girls, especially FOB Asian girl because they are subservient. I hate the word subservient. It is as if they are your servant. I do like the little bit of shyness and coyness. Yes, being with that kind of girl naturally puts me in a commanding role. So when I am with a girl like Yi Jin I do order her around, and she follows my command.

I will be a little graphic here. In the bedroom I would order her to take her clothes off, show me her thin, petite body. I like to watch her parade in nothing except her high heels. She hardly spoke any English, and she is such a thin girl so I tossed her around in bed. When I fucked her hard she screamed uncontrollably in Korean and clawed my back with her ornamented finger nails. I loved that. Just for your interest, by this time, we still had not had much of a conversation.

Again this was another short lived fling. At that particular time in my life, I had couple of girls on my plate. Unfortunately Yi Jin was not a priority. She texted me back several times, asking me why I was always too busy to see her. To be honest I have a busy life and cannot really juggle more than one girl. At that time I did, and it was quite demanding. I ended up losing all the girlfriends because I could not give them enough attention.

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