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The Perfect Girlfriend


Jeanette was one of my favorite Korean girlfriends. Jeanette was tall, elegant, fashionable, sophisticated, funny, and had an awesome body.

I met Jeanette at the mall while she was browsing some high end kitchen ware. We went out for drinks and we had instant chemistry. I am a pretty low key guy so I get along with girls who are mild mannered, soft spoken, and feminine. Jeanette was like that except she was also professionally successful in her own rights. She held a management position at an international bank. We kissed on the first date and everything just felt right.

On out second date I told her to dress casually elegant. It is one of my favorite lines to get girls to wear a dress or skirt. Jeanette showed up at my door wearing a beautiful short pink dress. Of course I checked out her long lanky legs. She is 5’7″ tall. I love tall girls. If I was taller I probably would want to date the supermodels. But since I am only 5’10”, a 5’7″ girlfriend is perfect.

For our date we went to a wine tasting event that had a poor turn out which was great. We had dinner with wine paring at a small garden with very few people nearby. It felt very romantic and private. After dinner we came back to my place. I took her hand and brought her into my bedroom. We made out passionately. She had nice, full pillow lips that I can just kiss forever. Of course I wanted to have sex with her, but she would not let me. Instead she guided me to her chest area. I pulled down one side of the bra and a large firm breast popped out. What a bonus. A tall, thin, beautiful Asian girl with large breasts. I sucked on them and just indulged in her beautiful body and her soft skin.

It sounded like I talk a lot about girls’ breasts. My intention is really to give the readers a fair representation of what Korean girls are like whether it is personality, outlook, desires, or in this case physical characteristics. Anyways, in my experience Korean girls can have good sized chest. It’s still in the minority, but definitely not an exception.

After our second date I hinted to her that I would love to try her cooking. So for our third date she invited me over to her condominium. Jeanette was financially successful so she had her own small, but modern one bedroom condo. It was well decorated with some of the art works given by her friends. I do find that Korean girls tend to have more male friends (oppa) than other Asian girls. I could be wrong.

The dinner was gourmet, tasted fresh and delicious. If you meet Jeanette, you may get the impression of a typical Korean hottie albeit a little on the demure side. She’s fashionable, sexy, and got all the name branded clothes and hand bags. She goes to fancy restaurants and travel to exotic vacation destinations. I am always wary of girls with that sort of lifestyle. I am the type who is resistant to commercial temptations. I am reluctant to part my hard earned money for overpriced over advertised consumptions. The great thing about Jeanette was that although she is a high end consumer, she is not a blind consumer. Through her extensive dining experiences she was able to reproduce these tasty dishes. She definitely put in the effort to impress me. For me, that was not only acceptable, it was admirable.

After dinner we continue to indulge in our Prosecco. We fell all over each other. She was wearing a thin velvety blue dress with short skirts. I carried her into the bedroom and tossed her onto her fluffy queen bed. After more passionate kissing I pulled off her panties which was soaking wet. Later I would find out that Jeanette was always very sexually responsive. Every time I reached my hand down below it is met with thick, slippery, dripping warmth. I went down on her smoothly waxed private area. I pleasured her so intensely that she could not take it anymore and begged me to enter her.

Physical intimacies with Korean girls are always great because they take great care of themselves. Their bodies smell great, their skin is perfect. Jeanette just had the perfect body. She had thin long legs, perfect breasts, bare private area, and silky smooth skin. I could spend the whole night and day just nibbling on her.

I also particularly enjoyed our pillow talks. Whether it was after sex or on a lazy Saturday morning, we just lie in bed and talk about random subjects. Jeanette can be quite funny. She would stare at the white ceiling of her bedroom and muttered that she wanted to paint the ceiling. I asked her what color she wanted to paint it, and she said, “white”, and we burst out laughing. She also wanted to get a new BMW 3 series to replace her old BMW 3 series. What a funny girl. There is some truth to the culture of materialism and conformity among Koreans, and they all drive BMWs or Mercedes.

Jeanette definitely likes to buy nice clothes and fancy hand bags. She told me she needed an outside storage facility to keep all her off season clothes. At the end of every season, she vacuum seals her clothes and pack them for storage. Also when she is not sure of what to buy, she always buys the most expensive item. I am not going to be judgmental. She is actually good with her money, invests wisely, and not living beyond her means. One time we walked by some handbags, and she grabbed one that she really liked. After several minutes of deep contemplation she looked at me for approval. I shrugged and told her to get it if she wanted. She could sense my lack of enthusiasm so she reluctantly put it away.

Jeanette and I dated for a few months. We had a lot of fun. We dined out frequently, but not always at expensive restaurants. She obviously knew more about the food scene than I did. Sometimes we go to the hole in the wall places. We took overnight trips to nearby cities. Sex was great. She was on the quiet side though. Girls who are louder tend to excite me more. She was very submissive when she is with me despite being professionally successful.  Unfortunately at that time I was experimenting with being a player. I was dating multiple girls. I was open and honest about it with Jeanette. She was ok with it initially. But after I missed our scheduled dates several times she decided the open relationship was not for her. I was quite sad that she was no longer part of my life. She really was a wonderful girlfriend. I miss her a lot.

No need to talk to pick-up a girl


Yi Jin was more of a fling than a girlfriend. However, I want to share this particular experience so you can see a wide spectrum of Korean girls.

Yi Jin is definitely a FOB (Fresh of the Boat). She hardly spoke any English. I met Yi Jin at the mall. I noticed this cute girl as she walked by me. I turned around, jogged, and caught up with her. Our conversation was very brief. Less than 2 minutes. I asked her if she wanted to have a drink with me. She thought I meant right then, right there. Well, both of us were kind of busy, so we exchanged numbers.

One thing I consistently noticed with FOB Korean girls is that they like you to go pick them up even for the first date. I’ve literally had a 2 minute conversation with this girl, and she trusted me to come to her apartment to pick her up for our date.

Sometimes I just take girls out for drinks on the first date, but other times I take them out to dinner. There is no rhyme or reason. A lot of it depends on my feeling, the time of the week, the time of the night or whether I am hungry or not. Although there are no deal breakers, I have to say, try to avoid fancy expensive restaurants. First of all, never try to impress a girl with fine dining. Secondly, a fancy restaurant is actually a very uncomfortable setting for 2 people who do not know each other very well. Save that for your girlfriend.

With Yi Jin, I did take her to a decent restaurant. I cannot remember why I did it, but it just kind of blend into the date. We had drinks first then we had dinner. After dinner I drove her back to my place, and we made out hot and heavy on my bed, but did not go beyond that. Sex did not happen until the second date.

Some American guys like Asian girls, especially FOB Asian girl because they are subservient. I hate the word subservient. It is as if they are your servant. I do like the little bit of shyness and coyness. Yes, being with that kind of girl naturally puts me in a commanding role. So when I am with a girl like Yi Jin I do order her around, and she follows my command.

I will be a little graphic here. In the bedroom I would order her to take her clothes off, show me her thin, petite body. I like to watch her parade in nothing except her high heels. She hardly spoke any English, and she is such a thin girl so I tossed her around in bed. When I fucked her hard she screamed uncontrollably in Korean and clawed my back with her ornamented finger nails. I loved that. Just for your interest, by this time, we still had not had much of a conversation.

Again this was another short lived fling. At that particular time in my life, I had couple of girls on my plate. Unfortunately Yi Jin was not a priority. She texted me back several times, asking me why I was always too busy to see her. To be honest I have a busy life and cannot really juggle more than one girl. At that time I did, and it was quite demanding. I ended up losing all the girlfriends because I could not give them enough attention.