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Smart, Sassy Dental Student


Jenny was quite a character also. I first met Jenny at a night club but it was part of a professional mixer. It was Jenny’s birthday. We got shots and had a few prolonged drunken make out. Next day I texted her, but she responded “you are really cute, but I have a boyfriend “. WTF?

Months went by, and I ran into Jenny again at another club. We talked briefly and went our separate ways. Next morning I woke up with a text timed at 2:00 AM “want to come by my place and have a glass of wine?” Argh, I slapped myself on the head. I just missed a booty call. I should have checked my phone before going home. FYI – This has happened before to me in a different variation. So guys,, always check your phone at the end of the night. Maybe even up to 1 hour after you leave the club. Girls who want action, but do not want to look bad in front of their girlfriends will text you after she get home, hoping you can come over.

But all is not lost. I messaged Jenny again, and we decided to meet up for a drink in the evening.

When I saw Jenny in the better lighting of a restaurant, she was taller and more elegant than I remembered. She has that classic Korean look with the small eyes and dark eye brows. Jenny was super fun to talk to. She was demure but with a calm affectionate energy that radiates in sporadic out-spurts. She was also super smart without being aware of it. She grew up Korea and went to dental school in Korea, but she was able to land a residency position at a prestigious hospital in the United States. It is hard for a foreign grads to get a residency position in the US so she must be very smart. Jenny is one of those people who just follow her path without trying to grab more than her share but always ended up more because she was that good. She actually thought she would be making $40,000 a year after she graduated until I corrected her, and told her she would be making $400,000 a year. She was so thrilled after hearing that. After our drink I tried to cash in on my booty call, but she told me “next time”.

We texted back and forth. Jenny’s text was always enthusiastic and full of emoji, exclamations. We finally agreed on a night to meet up. We both understood what we wanted. Jenny does not drive, so I had to go to her apartment. Her apartment was very sparingly decorated. She had a mattress on the floor and her school supplies strewn about. On her mattress we had great sex. She was very loud and vocal. Later on I found out that it was a bit exaggerated.

After we had sex a few times, Jenny began to feel attached. She wanted to do boyfriend/girlfriend activities such as going to Disneyland. I did not want to drive down to Anaheim and spend a whole day walking around so I refused. She became upset. I also noticed that she was less vocal in bed. Her wild and sex crazed persona had changed into a more reserve girl.

So far my entries come across as a series of sexual affairs rather than intimate boyfriend girlfriend relationship. Well, that is true. At this particular state of my life I only wanted casual dating, and experience as many girls as I can.

My final night with Jenny was the night before I head out for a vacation in Asia. Jenny was being difficult, withholding her affection. After I left for my trip she messaged me once, but I stupidly did not respond. I was oversea, and I thought I would answer her when I get back. Who answers international text anyways? Well, that was a hard lesson learned. After I returned from my trip, she had taken herself out of my life. Now I know to be extra attentive to my girls when I am traveling.