Girl in the leopard printed mini-skirt


I met Candy on I am embarrassed that I do not remember what she did for a living. She was pretty smart I know that. It must have been some kind of engineering because on our first date she was explaining to me the programming language of the Android apps.

On our first date she showed up wearing leopard printed mini skirt. She is what many consider a FOB (fresh of the boat). She lives in Koreatown and spoke with an accent. We went to a casual bar in Koreatown. We had beer and a few small bites. I like Candy. She was easy to talk to. We had intelligent conversations which is my preference. Often I do steer dating conversation toward family, hobbies, and relationship, but for me intellectual conversation is my default. Hanging out with her felt effortless.

On our second date I drove her home, and fortunately I found a place to park my car. With my car taken care of, I made an excuse to go with her to her apartment. She did not object. She lived in a pretty small studio apartment, so while she did her kitchen chores I laid on her bed. I drew some pictures and asked her to come take a look. Since we were already in bed, we started kissing, then I flipped up her leopard pattern skirt and pulled down her panties. No fancy dinners, no Prada purse, just got together and romped.

Candy was a cool girl. She would cook me Korean food, Japchae specifically, and fill my rice bowl when it is empty. During the time we dated I always thought I deserved better. Although she was pretty, she was a bit on the shorter side, and her thick behind was fun for the sack, but does not make her a leggy, sexy arm candy. I was also somewhat embarrassed dating a FOB girl. Her fashion was just not quite up to the American trend. Yes, I was shallow.

Because I could not reciprocate the same level of fondness she had for me, we parted our ways. We did have some fun though. Sex in my SUV at the beach was one of my fondest memories. The adrenalineĀ  from the fear of being caught produced one of the greatest orgasm I have ever had!

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