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Girl in the leopard printed mini-skirt


I met Candy on I am embarrassed that I do not remember what she did for a living. She was pretty smart I know that. It must have been some kind of engineering because on our first date she was explaining to me the programming language of the Android apps.

On our first date she showed up wearing leopard printed mini skirt. She is what many consider a FOB (fresh of the boat). She lives in Koreatown and spoke with an accent. We went to a casual bar in Koreatown. We had beer and a few small bites. I like Candy. She was easy to talk to. We had intelligent conversations which is my preference. Often I do steer dating conversation toward family, hobbies, and relationship, but for me intellectual conversation is my default. Hanging out with her felt effortless.

On our second date I drove her home, and fortunately I found a place to park my car. With my car taken care of, I made an excuse to go with her to her apartment. She did not object. She lived in a pretty small studio apartment, so while she did her kitchen chores I laid on her bed. I drew some pictures and asked her to come take a look. Since we were already in bed, we started kissing, then I flipped up her leopard pattern skirt and pulled down her panties. No fancy dinners, no Prada purse, just got together and romped.

Candy was a cool girl. She would cook me Korean food, Japchae specifically, and fill my rice bowl when it is empty. During the time we dated I always thought I deserved better. Although she was pretty, she was a bit on the shorter side, and her thick behind was fun for the sack, but does not make her a leggy, sexy arm candy. I was also somewhat embarrassed dating a FOB girl. Her fashion was just not quite up to the American trend. Yes, I was shallow.

Because I could not reciprocate the same level of fondness she had for me, we parted our ways. We did have some fun though. Sex in my SUV at the beach was one of my fondest memories. The adrenaline  from the fear of being caught produced one of the greatest orgasm I have ever had!

Club Diva


Cathy was the first girl I have ever taken home from a club. I met Cathy at a night club in LA. It was one of our favorite because there was always a good crowd, and the large outdoor area was good for chatting up girls. Cathy was the first girl I have taken home from a club the same night. I still remember approaching her with 2 of her friends with a silly opener, “Are you girls lawyers?”

The girls were open to talking, and what tipped me off was that they were a group of 3, and Cathy drove herself. I hit it off with Cathy right away. I took her to the dance floor and we got drinks together. Pretty soon her friends were leaving, and they all seemed ok with her staying with me. At the end of the night we walked out of the club hand in hand. Maybe I mentioned getting something to eat, but eventually we decided to go hang out at my place and watch TV. I specifically remembered her saying, “just TV, nothing sexual”.

After we got to my place, we spooned on the couch and watched some irrelevant show on TV. Just when I started to wonder what I was suppose to do, I felt her ass wiggled against my crotch. I told myself, “This girl does not want to watch TV”. I grabbed her hand and took her to the bedroom. The clothes came off. She had a nice set of, perky, bountiful breasts. Probably C cup. Looking up with her on top of me was an unforgettable sight. I buried my face between them. I have discovered that quite a few of Korean girl have good sized natural breast. Although Cathy really wanted to have sex, I think she was still a bit nervous. She was not very lubricated, and I did not have any lube. The sex wasn’t that great. After sex we hung out a bit, and I drove her back to her car.

Over the next few weeks she came over several times. It was a predominantly sexual relationship. She would bring some pizza. We ate at my apartment, drank a little, and got busy. The sex got much better as we got more comfortable with each other. She also gave the most amazing blow job. She does some kind of sucking technique that to this day, no other girl does. It felt spine tingling amazing.

One night, while we were hooking up, I made the mistake of saying how it is perfectly acceptable for a girl to be a slut. I got that stupid idea from reading tips on the internet. I think it trigger something in her. Maybe it made her question her behavior, who knows. She got up, went to my freezer and literally downed half a bottle of Grey Goose vodka. She came back to bed. We had sex. Then she started getting very drunk and emotional. It was impossible to talk to her. It was raining that night, but she walked out onto the balcony. I did not know what to do. She stood out there, soaking wet, with her back towards me. The image of her long wet black hair and the silhouette of her body in the rain was quite haunting. Almost like a ghost in one of those Chinese movies. Eventually she came back in, but went straight to the bathroom and locked the door. I could not get in to help her. I thought she may be trying to hurt herself.

As the dawn breaks, I heard the click of the latch from the bathroom door. I opened the door. She was lying naked on the floor semi drunk or hung over.

After that night we stopped seeing each other. I was worried that I might end up in a situation where she will hurt herself, or hurt me. Couple of month later I did see her again at the same club. It was the end of the night, and it looked like she was going home with some guy. Wow, I sure felt special at that moment.

Korean girl who grew up in China


Joyce was the first Korean girl I have been with. I met her on an online dating site called ClicktoAsia.

My main profile picture was a total douche bag photo.  I put a ton of gel in my hair to spike it up. I wore a white V-neck and as many chains, pendants, and dog tags as I could around my neck. I slouched into the couch, and stared into the camera with the “I don’t give a fuck” look. The picture actually worked because Joyce told me that was what she fell for.

For our first date we decided to meet at the mall. She brought her little Maltese in a freaking doggy purse. WTF? In my mind I was thinking, here we go, an annoying, entitled princess.

Yes, the dog really bothered me. She even brought it into the theater as we watched the movie. She promised me the dog would not make a noise, and she didn’t. But overall Joyce was very pleasant, laughed easily. And it helped I like the way she looked. She was petite, had nice thin legs, and a good girl look.

I cannot remember who paid for the date. I probably did, but it was a non issue.

On our second date, she ended up in my apartment. We started making out on the couch. Then she said, “Take me to your bedroom!”. All right! That was easy. I thought to myself. I picked her up, and tossed her onto my bed. Clothes came off, and off we went at it.

Joyce was cute, but not the most beautiful girl I have dated, but sex with her was amazing. Something about her personality, the lack of inhibition, and her loud uncontrollable scream during sex really turned me on. Some girls just scream in a way that really, really got me going. Maybe it is that combination of slight exhibitionism and the fear of neighbor come knocking that made the sex so intense. She is one of the few girl that I could have sex with 4 times in one night. As I re-awoke in the middle of the night, my hand would  mysteriously ended up between her thighs. For some reason she was always moist, and ready for more, and so was I.

Well, enough about the great sex. Let’s talk about her personality. Aside from her dog urinating on my kitchen floor, I got along with her really well. As I mentioned before, Joyce likes to laugh, and she was just overall very easy going. Just to provide more details, Joyce was born in Korea, but actually spent part of her life in China, before moving to the United States. I am sure that has some influence on how she behaves.

She invited me over to her place several times and cooked me bulgogi (korean BBQ). Her place was tiny, so I would eat dinner on the couch. After dinner she never asked me to help her clean up. I just smiled at her, and asked, “what’s for dessert?” She would put on the shortest dress without panties, straddle over me or just kneel down between my legs and go to work. Ok, ok, I kept writing about sex. Honestly, the relationship was very sexually charged, but in a very light hear-ted, fun, enthusiastic way.

Eventually our fun fling ended. I think it may be because I went on a long trip oversea, and just never picked up the momentum after I came back. We did hook up one more time a few months later, but by then she had moved 1 hour away. I just never bothered with that commute again.